Improving Attendance Best Practices

Improving Attendance Best Practices

Part 1 | Bonus Games and Point Strategy

46% of customers will increase visits when a rewards program is in place. With bonus games, Florida State saw a 32% YoY increase in student attendance.

Part 2 | Early Arrival and Stay Late Bonuses

Multichannel attendance paints a picture of a fans attendance. Not only can you track and measure it, but use the detailed data to reward better fan behavior. Specifically arriving early and staying late.

Arrive early. Recommend 30min, or 0 minutes. worth 50 – 100% bonus

Stay late. tracked by beacons every 2 min, or by GPS when they open the app. automatically schedule a push notification to remind to stay late, or to reward them for doing so.

Results in higher concession and merchandising spend, as well as more Butts in Seats before the game starts, and in the 4th quarter


Part 3 | Membership Levels, Exclusivity and Priority

In order for people to change fan behavior, points have to be worth something, so fans have something to work towards. The prize store provides the major incentive, but that can be a little complex. we want something simple they can wrap their minds around quickly.

Membership levels are like badges for earning a certain level of points. Just like Frequent Flyer miles membership levels have benefits for each level the fan achieves.

We recomend 3 level, 5 maximum. A level starting at 0, like rookie, moving on up.

Each level needs a name, a point threshold, and a color for the chart.

Exclusivity and Priority

  • Things like early access to buy, or front of the line GA, or special access to before or after event things.
  • PBR special dirt access after the rodeo
  • FSU, Wisconsin, and more sort availability to attend/buy marquee games by top levels, this organizes that and makes it transparent
  • Even if no major perk, gives people some structure to work towards and compare to friends.