One Scan to
Rule Them All

Earn Loyalty Points, Apply Discounts,
and Pay with the FanMaker Mobile Wallet Pass

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Available Everywhere

Fan-centric options make spending easy

Mobile Wallet Pass

Add to Apple or Google Wallet for easy access right in the same place as tickets. No internet connection needed

In App, SDK & Mobile Web

Fans see QR, live balances, expiration details, and transaction history across platforms

Physical and Digital Gift Cards

Seamlessly integrate physical gift cards and digital codes

Flexible Funding Options

Add Funds to Fan Accounts

Import to add funds in mass, or add balances to individual accounts via admin

Convert Loyalty Points to Funds

Option to allow fans to trade loyalty points for funds that can immediately be spent on concessions or merchandise

Cash Back

Automatically grant a percentage back from purchases, including rules delaying availability or requiring season ticket renewal

Reloading with Credit Card

Similar to Starbucks, fans can load funds on their account via a credit card and possibly earn point bonuses on purchases

No Transaction Fees
No Revenue Share
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Effortless Expiration

Multiple Expirations in One Wallet

Funds can expire this season, at the end of a game, a specific date or never

Automatically Spend Expiring Funds First

No need to have fans select which balance to use. FanMaker combines and spends funds in order of expiration, all in one transaction

Loaded Tickets

With Ticketmaster

Sell Ticket Add-ons and More

Add food packages, merchandise drops and more to ticket purchases. Fans redeem by scanning ticket barcode at POS

Enforce Limits and Item Lock in

FanMaker can require the correct item be purchased with loaded ticket, or place location or rate limits on spending

Live Monitoring

Audit barcodes, liabilities, spend and breakage via live dashboards and reports

Managed in Ticketmaster
Transfers Synced
No Fees
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Physical Gift Cards

Transition Existing Gift Cards

Import card numbers, balances and expiration dates

Activate New Cards

Individual or bulk card activations, set expiration dates, add balances, manual spending options, live dashboards with audit trails and reporting

Convert to Digital

Ability to deliver gift cards and stored value via email

Live Discounts

Apply Discounts with Mobile Wallet Scan

Season Ticket Holder Discounts

Personalized discounts for your most loyal fans. Support for % or $ off certain items, or entire order

Promotional Discounts

Limit discounts to certain locations or times for happy hour promotions on concessions and exclusive merchandise sales

Personalized Discounts

Offer discounts for individual activity (ex. club members get first beer 50% off)

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Works Across Multiple POS Systems

FanMaker Supports Most Systems with More Added Every Year

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Live Dashboards and Reporting

Live Balances

No longer do you need to wait for reports. Fans and Admins can view live balances, expiration, and more

Real-time Game Day Dashboards

Watch liabilities, spend, and expiration across stored value, gift card, and loaded tickets live during games

Detailed Reports

The audit logs and reporting your finance team will love

Act on Real-time data available via FanMaker API

Payments Administration

Understand Per Cap Spending

Explore individual fan's spending totals and individual transactions

Recognize Fan Favorites

See each fan's favorite food and location to power magical "surprise and delight" experiences

Live POS Dashboards

See live analytics of all POS purchases (even non members), including breakdowns by location, category, and even individual SKU items

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