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  • Member Benefit Programs
  • Student Attendance Apps
  • Junior Membership Clubs
  • Annual Event Engagement
  • Fan App for Traveling Shows
  • Consumer Loyalty Programs

Game Day
Centric App

Multi-Channel Attendance 

   Geo-Fence, Beacons, Tickets, and Kiosks

Shape Fan Behavior

   Early Bonus, Stay Late Bonus, Bonus Games

Fan Photo Sharing

Event Details, Images and links

Surveys and Interactive Contests

Event Detail - full phone

Best in Class
Communication Tools

Unlimited Push Notifications & Emails

Send Images, Animated Gifs, Videos and Coupons via Push Notifications

Easily segment messaging

Notification Inbox

Delivery & Read Analytics

Change Fan Behavior
with Incentives


   Segmented by Fan type, sport attendance and groups

Punch Cards

   Reward continued attendance with prizes, points, or sweepstakes entries


   Group incentives into levels and promote upward movement

   Gate keep access and line skipping by level

Prize Store

   Sell items for points, via auctions, sweepstakes entries, or digital coupons

   Easy and accountable fulfillment

Advanced Location Features

Automatic Event Check in and Check out via GPS or Beacons

Broadcast messaging to those in attendance

Geofence or Beacon triggered Points & Messaging

Activate Sponsorships with visits, messaging, and points

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