Chiefs Playoff Scratchers Commemorate Win

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Scratch and Score
The Kansas City Chiefs not only rewarded fans by winning their playoff game, but gave them something to take home too!During the Divisional Round of the 2022 NFL Playoffs, the Chiefs handed out a commemorative ticket to every fan in attendance, 70,000 in total. ... Read More

Kansas City Chiefs Upgrade Kingdom Rewards with FanMaker

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Chiefs Kingdom Rewards with FanMaker
The Kansas City Chiefs take their fan loyalty program, Chiefs Kingdom Rewards, to the next level with the improved user experience FanMaker provides. Since the re-launch, FanMaker has helped the Chiefs grow their Chiefs Kingdom Rewards member base to over 190,000.“We had a number ... Read More

Ole Miss Rebel Rewards Increases Reliability with Switch to FanMaker

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Ole Miss Rebel Rewards App
In 2013, The Ole Miss Athletics department  launched their loyalty program, Rebel Rewards. For the last 8 years, their program has had no automation for communication, wasn’t always reliable to award points properly, and became time consuming for their athletics marketing department.... Read More

Clemson Engages Young Fans in a Whole New Way

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Clemson Reading Program
Clemson University brought FanMaker the idea of creating a Kids Club program designed to incentivize children to read. In 2019, this idea became a reality with the launch of Clemson Reading Program. Young Clemson fans are able to earn points by reading books and logging them within their account ... Read More

Philadelphia 76ers Use Team’s Success to Their Advantage

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Team success is never a guarantee, but when you have it at your disposal use it to help grow your program! The Philadelphia 76ers are doing just that with their team’s current playoff push.Using FanMaker’s notification tools, Philadelphia is striking while the iron is hot and creati... Read More