The Most Powerful
Loyalty Programs in Sports

Flexible Rewarding of Game Watch and/or Attendance

Reward TV Watching

Don't leave anyone out because of COVID-19 restrictions

Multi-Channel Attendance

Geo-fence, bluetooth beacons, ticket scans, and kiosks measure attendance and dwell time to the second

TV, Radio, and Live Streams

Support for streaming service linking, even premium

Shape Fan Behavior

Award bonus points to fans arriving early, or staying later into the game. For watching, reward continued watching and engagement

Engaging & Sponsor-able

Trivia and Polls

Engage all year with sponsor-able trivia, video trivia, and polls

Live and On Demand Videos

Provide exclusive content via live stream and video stories (you can even charge a fee)

Photo Contests

Reward fan selfies, gallery display, sponsorship and more

Pick'em Challenges

Fans pick various stats and scores pregame to win points

Best in Class
Communication Tools

Rich Push Notifications

Attach links, images, animated gifs, and even video


Just like Instagram, distribute content in story format including images, video, ads, links, trivia, polls, and emoji


Coupons and messaging live in app regardless of push notification subscription

Engagement Metrics

Change Fan Behavior

Punch Cards

Incentivize multiple event attendance with point bonuses, prizes, and sweepstakes entries for completed cards


Let fans compete for rank, and build custom leaderboards for groups

Membership Level

Like frequent flyer programs, rewards your best fans with status

Partner Offers & Discounts

Member Only Deals and Discounts

Present offers to all members, a segmented group, or even sell access to discounts as an added benefit

Redemption Limits

Limit max redemptions and apply cooling off period (once a day, month, year)

Flexible Redemption

Display cashier instructions, promo code, barcode, or QR code

Map View & Geo Fences

Plot partners on a map for easy access. Optional require GPS location verification before redemption

Prize Store

Prize Types

Sweepstakes, Auctions, Items, and Digital Coupons

Flexible Options

Apparel sizing, shipping charges, multiple winners, budget management, 3rd party fulfillment integration

Inventory Management
Easy Fulfillment

Location Based Messaging

Beacon Triggered

Micro location powered by cheap bluetooth beacons, Send push notification and award points when walking past concessions, visiting sponsors, entering parking lots and more...

Geofence Triggered

Send push notification and award points for entering particular buildings or areas

Attendance Based

Effortlessly welcome fans when they arrive, alert fans which gates have the shortest lines, communicate with all fans at the game, and thank them for coming when they leave the parking lot

Reward All Spending

Ticket Purchases

Our decade long relationship with Ticketmaster, Paciolan, and most ticket providers allow us to track and reward purchases, create early payment benefits, and bonus particular events

Concessions and Merchandise

Track and reward fan purchases at the game and online, bonus particular skus and provide discounts

Partner purchases

Using various methods reward purchases made at partners

Happens automatically in the background
Detailed Analytics

Season Ticket Renewal


The vast amount of data collected by the FanMaker system has proven to be able to predict renewal probability and provide important fan details useful for renewal conversations


Repeated fan surveys have shown season ticket members renew earlier when rewards are in place, and cite FanMaker rewards programs as a top 3 reason for renewal

Custom Renewal Website

Create an engaging data powered site for season ticket holders to manage their renewal options. Customized presentation based on their attendance