FanMaker Brings Second Screen Experience to Apps with "Stories"

FanMaker Brings Second Screen Experience to Apps with "Stories"

Today we are releasing "Stories" to all iOS and Android Apps. Check it out!

We've taken the concept of stories fans are used to seeing in instagram, facebook and snapchat and brought it to you and your users. Stories are a flexible feature that allows you to publish content (exclusive if you want) for fans including interactive elements like Trivia and Polls. With scheduling and easy admin you can program entire packages for gameday, tv events, and more...

Stories also create many new sponsorship opportunities. With the ability to Insert full screen ads (with impression, and click tracking), add a presenting sponsor to Trvia or gather sponsor data via polls. Sponsorship inventory has doubled with this release.

Watch more about stories including how to create stories for your apps

But wait there is more! With the expectation of limited or no attendance at 2020 sporting events we have been working to make the second screen experience of our apps compelling and rewarding for fans at home. We will launch the next evolution of our apps this summer including:

  • Support for non-attended events on TV, Streams, Radio, and online
  • Fans will be able to check in to events they watch on TV/Streams/Radio and earn more points for continuing to watch at intervals you set during the games
  • Fans can favorite events and recieve automatic reminder push notifications
  • Video stories: share exclusive clips, interviews, or ads as video stories
  • Sponsored Trivia: Add a custom name and image to trivia questions
  • Photo contests: Fan's use the app to submit photos either during games. Explore the gallery in the app, vote for photos, award winner points, and participation points

Beta versions will go live for clients in July followed by full release in August. Many more details to come.

A Message from Co-Founder Jason Cole

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the new features FanMaker has rolled out for our clients in this time of uncertainty. Over the last 12 years, we’ve strived to put our clients’ mission first and be an ally to your challenges every step of the way. At this time, I am stepping down as CEO of Fanmaker to focus on other projects I am passionate about.

Jonathan, the best partner I could have ever dreamed of working with, is taking over as CEO, I will be his strategic advisor, continue to have ownership, but not be involved in the business day-to-day. I have full faith in his ability to lead FanMaker the next 12+ years as I have the last. As always, Fanmaker will continue its focus on how our products can best help you and your fans have a closer relationship.