Driving Real Results for Over 100 Sports Teams

Beacon technology has allowed us to send targeted and well-timed push notifications to fans with in-game promotions, early attendance bonuses, and event updates.

Minnesota WildTim Kirschbaum

[We] have seen a 32 percent increase [YoY] in student attendance, and sports such as soccer and volleyball are hosting crowds like never before.

Florida StateDrew Longenecker

FanMaker helps make prize redemptions seamless for our fans, it’s never been easier to spend points and meet a player!

Houston DynamoKimberly Sutton

Our attendance at football grew over 10 percent versus last year and baseball over 200 percent.

Coastal CarolinaMichael Jacobs

We have received some strong positive feedback from season ticket holders when we ‘back-granted’ points for their longevity.

Univeristy of MarylandMarty Summa Jr.

[On Switching] FanMaker provided significantly greater flexibility and more robust features in terms of data integration and reporting

Eastern MichiganTony Orlando

Shape Fan Behavior with Targeted Rewards

Rank & Status

Are you Gold, Platinum Level? Membership levels automatically rank and motivate fans to work for status. Top levels can be earned or purchased for an added revenue stream.

Connect & Earn

Fans connect external accounts to earn points for user generated content and social engagement. The action feed is always fresh, tailored to each individual fan and your preferences


Fans earn points for attending events, with bonuses for lower demand events, as well as arriving early and staying late

Points for Purchases

Reward every dollar spent on merchandise, concessions or tickets, automatically

Promo Codes

Reward offline activities with promotional codes, great for radio, TV, and print materials

Micro Surveys

Offer points for survey answers, one question at a time. Yields high participation rates and questions can be tailored for specific fan groups using segmentation tags

Includes Customizable Website & Apps to Match Your Brand


Choose from several welcome screen templates or build a fully custom design

iOS & Android Apps

Dedicated native apps are included for Apple iOS as well as Android


Presenting sponsors gain valuable impressions through design inclusion

Integrate into Existing App

The FanMaker rewards mobile experience can be embedded into your existing team app via web view and our SDK

Actionable Insights On Every Fan

Ticket Renewals & Purchases

Fans earn points for every ticket they purchase. With the power to bonus early renewal, payment plans, individual events, and seat locations you can encourage needle moving behaviours

Food & Beverage

Grant points for every concession purchase even award bonus points for specific SKUs and locations. Rewards generate a 10-12% lift on the average purchase. Use favorite food and location data to surprise and delight on game night


Gain valuable insight into fan preferences and favorite players by rewarding merchandise purchases. Award bonus points for specific SKUs effectively offering a discount without decreasing revenue


Know when a fan arrived, how long they stayed, and what they did during their visit, powered by FanMaker Beacon technology. Determine where fans went before and after the game as well, identifying sponsorship and engagement opportunities.

Powerful Prize Store

Contests & Auctions

Offer money can’t buy experiences via contests and auctions in the prize store, allowing participation by everyone from the newest members to your biggest supporters.

Fan Segmentation

With tag segmentation give all fans a tailored experience that matches your objectives. For example, expose a special prize to season ticket holders with Club seats only, or hide a set of prizes from single game ticket buyers.


Easy to use administration and front line staff accounts make fulfillment easy. Orders can be shipped, picked up, or delivered digitally.

FanMaker Prize Store

Realtime Admin Dashboards

Speed up Renewals While Surprising & Delighting Fans: The Minnesota Wild

In the annual Season Ticket Holder survey Wild Rewards consistently ranks as the top rated benefit, second only to Stanley Cup Playoff ticket access. Wild Rewards provides powerful lead scoring and individualized data that the team utilizes during the renewal process.

FanMaker has created a custom website for each Season Ticket Holder that contains a dynamic timeline of the top games they attended (based on beacons/GPS data) along with photos (from Instagram, twitter, and Facebook) taken by them at the corresponding games. The site reminded them of the most memorable moments from the season and let them to renew online.

The custom websites, early renewal bonus points and special prizes made the bulk of renewals self service. Detailed loyalty data allowed sales representatives to focus their efforts on the remaining Season Ticket Holders. Real time Wild Rewards data was used to locate specific fans during games and identify their favorite food and drinks, which presented the opportunity to surprise & delight ticket holders and discuss renewal details.

“We have used this valuable information to surprise Season Ticket Holders with in-seat deliveries of some of their favorite in-arena food items” – Tim Kirschbaum, MN Wild

2xBy using Wild Rewards and the custom renewal websites built by FanMaker the Minnesota Wild were able to complete the bulk of renewals two times faster, while selling out season tickets for the first time in four years.

Dedicated Support

Your Activation Coordinator is your single point of contact at FanMaker and is accountable for ensuring your rewards program is customized to achieve your organization’s specific goals. Reach your activation coordinator every day via phone, email, or live chat inside the admin.

Best Practices

With over 100 teams on the FanMaker platform, and 1,000,000 rewards members we have extensive experience and expertise to share. Through webinars, one-on-one consultation, email newsletters, and our blog you will always be exposed to best practices from the industry and examples from your peers. Your activation coordinator will use this data to help strategically guide your success.

Additional Features

POS Integration

Reward every concession or merchandise purchase, providing an average 10% revenue lift among rewards members. FanMaker supports any POS with an API or transactional reporting.

iPad Kiosk

Fans swipe an ID or rewards card to check into an event. A custom kiosk is also great for registration and on boarding. View Mississippi State Example.

CRM Integration

All data collected is available for your CRM or Data Warehouse, including profile information, attendance data, social media engagement and more. Use our API, or integrate your CRM directly.

Powerful API

FanMaker provides clients and third parties access to a RESTful API for access to data, point granting, point spending, checking in and more.

Micro-Location Beacons

FanMaker beacons let you interact with your fans like never before! Beacons are tiny bluetooth devices that detect your fan’s location (even if their phone is in their pocket). Place beacons at the entrance of your venue, in your stores, at sponsor locations or even on your mascot! When fans walk past a beacon, award them points or send them intelligent push notifications. FanMaker beacons are incredibly tiny, affordable, easy to install, and have a 2 year battery life.

Already Have Beacons?

FanMaker works with any third party bluetooth beacon system.

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